Why isn't food swallowed well?
Why isn't food swallowed well?

Why isn’t food swallowed well? Occasionally, it can be a bit messy. Surprisingly, many young people have such symptoms . Recently, there are French restaurants that offer a “French course full of swallowing power”. It can be said that a decrease in swallowing power (ability to swallow food) is not a problem only for the elderly .

Continuing a mild aspiration that you would not notice in your daily diet may lead to bronchitis and aspiration pneumonia .

Koichiro Nishiyama’s book, “If you don’t like pneumonia, put eggs on rice” (Asuka Shinsha), you can see how to handle unexpected aspirations.

On the other hand, it ’s scary that it does n’t matter. because……

An author who graduated from Kitasato University School of Medicine and is a medical doctor. So far, I have studied at many large hospitals such as Kitasato University Hospital as an otolaryngology / head and neck surgeon. Currently, as the chairman of the medical corporation Nishiyama Otolaryngology Clinic, I am conducting medical care rooted in the community.

The reason I became a specialist in aspiration was that I experienced “risk of postoperative aspiration pneumonia” during my ward . It is the authority of the way that has examined 10,000 patients, specializing in swallowing treatment.

What is occult aspiration is “aspiration without being aware of mussels” that can easily lead to aspiration pneumonia. (Omitted) Even if you are aspirating, there is no awareness of it, so aspiration stays, making it easier to aspirate aspiration pneumonia.

Quoted from page 7, “If you don’t like pneumonia, put eggs on rice”

Originally, there is a symptom of “aspiration without consciousness of mussel” that does not cause symptoms even though it should have a mass and cough , and some people die from aspiration pneumonia without consciousness at all There seems to be.

It seems that the decline in the ability to swallow does not progress suddenly after becoming older, but progresses as if chopping from a young age. If you repeat repeated aspirations from a young age, your throat and lungs will weaken, making it easier to become occult aspiration .

If your throat feel and responsiveness are weakened, you will not be able to get lost. What should we do to prevent this from happening?

When it is easy to swallow

That being said, there is no awareness of aspiration, so it seems like there is no way to prevent it. What are the daily aspiration risks you should know ?

If you pick keywords to avoid aspiration, it can be summarized into the following seven.

Water separation
Hard fiber, long streaks
Intake eating
Chin orientation

The author explains that the usual way of eating is actually cautionary . Among the keywords you should be aware of are the habits that everyone tends to have.

For example, keyword (1) water removal. This refers to the phenomenon in which the moisture and contents of the contents pop out with the beat . When you eat foods with a lot of moisture, such as cherry tomatoes and grapes, fruit juice and flesh are expelled in your mouth, and you get stuck in your respiratory tract. Koya tofu and small rice cake are also equivalent.

The keyword (4) inspiratory eating is a bite and gluttonous food, such as gyudon, ramen, and fried noodles. During eating, it means that inhalation (air to be sucked in) is easy to mix, and food is easy to enter the respiratory tract.

And it is really “retirement age” to enter keyword (7) ! It seems that the ability to swallow is correlated with the physical strength of the whole body and the opportunity to speak . It can be said that it is a habit to be aware of even young people who have had a chance to meet with people, such as remote work and freelance, or whose exercise has decreased significantly.

Just knowing and paying attention to these risky actions may help prevent aspiration.

What is “food” to reduce aspirations?

In order to reduce the risk of aspiration and aspiration pneumonia, it is also necessary to eat “easy to swallow food” .

Foods that are easy to swallow are those that become “a soft lump without falling apart in the mouth” and “fall down the throat slowly”. Of course, it ’s not good for hard materials, and it ’s also bad for sticking in your mouth or throat.

Quoted from page 92, “If you don’t like pneumonia, put eggs on rice”

There are other useless elements, too much or too little moisture, and those that easily get powder into the orbit are NG .

What are the foods that can be chewed as usual, with as few elements as possible? It has “Thoromi” . This is because the speed at which food falls down the throat is moderately slow.

And the author’s recommendation is “Egg over rice” . By adding eggs to the white rice, it will have a proper thickening, making it easier to keep it in your mouth. White soldering will cause scumming, but the thickening effect of the eggs will keep the white rice in your mouth from falling apart.

In addition, “Melute Cheese” is a versatile way to thicken Western dishes. By adding to hamburgers, pilaf and other dishes, it is easy to swallow. Needless to say, the nutritional value of eggs and cheese.

To avoid aspiration pneumonia due to unconscious aspiration. It seems to be important to pay attention to how to eat and what to eat.


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