Are India and Indianness turning once again? 
We do not have to go very far to find the answer to this question. Just look at the surrounding environment, the gesture of the situation will be understood. With 70 days passed, 14 percent of the country’s population is vocal in agitation. He avoids the Citizenship Amendment Act and the NPR. All the members of the Union Cabinet, including the Prime Minister, Home Minister, Defense Minister, have comforted that they need not fear. The hair of an Indian citizen is not going to be dandy, but it is not taking the name of ending the atmosphere of apprehension.

Due to this resistance, the unfamiliar Shaheen Bagh is now making international headlines for the people of Delhi till a few days ago. The women there are not ready to end the picket despite the assurances and other efforts of the government. As a result, the most important road connecting Noida to Faridabad and South Delhi is closed. Due to this, millions of people are suffering from traffic related mishaps. This is probably the first time since independence, when a major road to the national capital has been stalled for so many days due to resistance.

How did this movement drag on so long?
The reason is simple, the people here did not let negative arguments and elements become part of their resistance. Till now, the movements of Muslims used to show their identity and show. Religious slogans and green flags were waved in them. This led to a feeling of drunkenness in a large section of the society. In the early days of Shaheen Bagh movement, some people tried to give religious color through provocative slogans and squabbles, but such people were thrown out by the protesters.

Here, through the national anthem, national flag and national constitution, repeated attempts were made to show that we are Muslims, but there should be no doubt in our Indianness. All the scriptures were recited at the protest site and portraits of leaders like Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Ambedkar were displayed with great vigor. Not only this, the dharna was handed over to nannies, grannies, mothers and sisters instead of any leader, so as to keep away from the specter of prejudices. This is the reason why they got the support of Sikh, Dalit and Christian factions. All upper caste Hindus also kept coming here with an open mind. Efforts to flow communalism in the name of Shaheen Bagh in Delhi elections were also unsuccessful.

The leaderless Shaheen Bagh soon became a symbol and its echo was heard in all parts of the country. Women and children sat on dharna in many cities. Where processions were taken out, the symbols of national sovereignty were put forward instead of religious. This movement has proved one thing that Indian Muslims are now trying to forge their new identity. Till now some people tried to impose on them the idea that we are Muslims first, citizens of a country later. For the first time, Muslims were seen rejecting the idea on the scale of the entire country. When a famous poet like Munawwar Rana said that this country has been ruled by us for eight hundred years, then he faced a lot of violence from his community. Later, Waris Pathan also succumbed to the same misery. This is the reason why the slogan of ‘Jinnah Wali Azadi’ was not repeated in Shaheen Bagh. Due to the leadership of women, this strike was avoided by police intervention, Even puppets could not capture it. They have proved to be moderate and effective compared to men.

During this period, there was a call to remove himself from the rusty cage of separate identities in all the squabbles. A viral video of a gentleman from Indore proves this fact. He was saying that the time has come for us to express our love for other communities. We are stingy in this matter. Today the other community does something, so we go with food, tea and water? Do not go… we too take part in their festivals. We have to tell that we also love this country, this is our country. It is certain that earlier too, most of the Muslims were of the same opinion, but through political symbolism, an attempt was made to wear a special cloak. This is the first time that the freedom of freedom from this mutiny is clearly visible.

Are Muslim women and youth building their own separate future? Some people may say that this is amazing about the strictness of the government. When the government clarified on the NPA and the Citizenship Amendment Act, it also made it clear that they would not be withdrawn. The message of the strict response given to the violence in Uttar Pradesh was also clear. In the coming days, Amit Shah is going to hold public meetings in support of the new law.

However, such collective self-consciousness has also occurred before. I would like to mention a change in my eyes. After Indira Gandhi’s assassination, murderous violence against Sikhs erupted across the country. Seeing that boiling lava of hate, as if our mental division has taken place, the bonfire of excitement cooled down very quickly. Its most anguish was seen in the minds of the majority. I met dozens of journalists at that time and found everyone saying that what happened was very wrong. The panic of the Sikhs had become the anguish of others. As a result, the jokes that were made about the Sikhs before this khungreji also gradually disappeared in the air. This was not a minor change, but a deep acceptance of the whole society. The brave Sikh community too soon rose up forgetting their tragedy. The Indian tradition of falling, wobbling and moving forward is old, but we can only maintain this tradition, When the two sides maintain the scope for a common agreement. The agitators do not forget, every movement has a period.


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