Yahoo Groups is closing soon, know what is the reason?

Tech Desk. If you too can use Yahoo Services then this news may surprise you. Because Yahoo officially announced the closure of Yahoo Groups from December 15. That is, users will no longer be able to use Yahoo’s services. However, the company has also clarified that Yahoo’s e-mail service will continue and if you use it, you will not have any kind of e-trouble. Let’s know the reason for shutting down Yahoo Groups …

So Yahoo Groups will be closed

Along with the announcement of the closure of Yahoo Groups, Verizon-owned company Yahoo said that it is now planning to focus on its other business. The statement issued by the company states that ‘Yahoo Groups has seen a steady decline over the past several years. During the same period, we have seen unprecedented levels of engagement in our business as customers seek premium, reliable content. While such decisions are never easy, we must sometimes make difficult decisions regarding products that no longer fit our long-term strategy as we focus our attention on other areas of the business

The company has also made it clear that users using Yahoo’s e-mail service should not be disturbed, as the company’s e-mail service will remain operational. You will also be able to receive and receive mail. In this, users will not have to face any kind of hindrance. But no mail will be received or received from Yahoo Groups account after December 15. If you use Yahoo Groups mail after December 15, the mail will not be sent.


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