You Are Under Target Of Hackers Under The Cover Of Couple Challenge On Facebook

You Are Under Target Of Hackers Under The Cover Of Couple Challenge On Facebook

A new challenge is going on on social media nowadays, Couple Challenge in which people are posting photos on social media with their partners. But under the cover of the Couple Challenge, hackers can target your privacy.

Be alert if you are also putting your photo on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with a smiling smile and posting the hashtag Couple Challenge. This is not a hashtag, but a trap woven by hackers to steal your personal photos.

The couple challenge does not become the real challenge of your life, it is okay to take a selfie, till it is posted on social media, but if you are posting your pictures due to the trend on social media, then this couple can be Challenge does not become the real challenge of your life.

So far, over 30 lakh people have shared photos with their partners in the Couple Challenge. After this, a complaint was reached to the police of many people, then the police have now alerted all the internet users to post photos on the Couple Challenge.

The use of artificial intelligence has been posted by the Pune Police on its official Twitter handle, advising people to avoid this challenge. Pune Police tweeted, “Think 2 times before posting a photo with your partner, the acute challenge can prove to be wrong if precautions are not taken.”

By running campaigns with such a challenge, hackers target personal photos of people, which are used for revenge porn and deep throw around the world. Many people, especially women, are victims of deep fakes in which, using artificial intelligence, fit someone’s picture into someone else’s body in such a way that they are the same. Many big celebrities, from the common people, have fallen prey to the deep fake.

Such challenges arise in social media every few days. Now this couple challenge has come. In the past, many people are having such a complex in which their photos found on pornographic sites are very much missed. Apart from this, complete data can be extracted from such a challenge which can be used for blackmailing, so you should very carefully post a photo on social media.


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