You can buy gold for just 1 rupee, PhonePe is offering online shopping option

Do you know that gold can be bought for just one rupee? These days gold shopping has been done online and any customer can start buying gold for just one rupee. India’s leading digital payment platform – PhonePe, said on Monday that it has emerged as the largest digital platform in India to buy gold with a 35 percent market share. The company has also said that this year during the festival season (21 days from Dussehra to Diwali), its gold sales have seen a six-fold increase.

PhonePe launched the gold category in December 2017, and over the last 3 years, it has partnered with SafeGold and MMTC-PAMP to allow users across the country to buy online gold. The gold purchased on PhonePe is 24-carat real gold which can be purchased anytime according to the budget of the customer and the price starts from 1 rupee.

There is also the option of delivery of gold. Customers can also choose the option of delivery of gold and get delivery to their home in the form of coins or bars, starting with a quantity as low as half a gram. More than 18,500 PIN codes customers across India have purchased gold on PhonePe, of which more than 60 percent of customers in small towns and cities are involved.

Terence Lucian, head of PhonePe Mutual Funds & Gold, said, ‘PhonePe saw record sales of gold this month before the festival season. In a payment platform like ours, customers are increasingly moving towards digital shopping due to increasing trust, ease of access, affordability, and security.

PhonePe has the best-designed platforms to buy gold and we are constantly bringing new features in it. We have recently launched a reminder facility to help our customers buy gold every month. We have also added a milestone facility to motivate customers to achieve their savings goals by investing regularly.’


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