Your Google has changed, GMail, Hangouts, GMEET will be seen like this, know full details here

Your Google has changed, GMail, Hangouts, GMEET will be seen like this, know full details here

Tech Desk. Google has changed many of its products. In such a situation, Gmail, Hangouts, GMeet used daily will be seen in the collection. Calendar, Drive, Docs and Google Meet have been introduced with new logo from Google.

Google’s efforts to increase productivity

Actually, many products are being rebranded by Google. Under this, Google is reinventing all its products with new icons. Google has also rebranded the popular GSuite service. In such a situation, it will now be known as GSuit Workplace. Google is trying to bring all its apps under one roof with the aim of increasing productivity and collaboration. Under this, Google has changed its logo. Google has launched Google’s new logo on Tuesday night. It has been given information from Google Blog Post on behalf of the company.


Such changes will be seen 

  • The envelope-like cover pick seen in red color in Gmail’s new logo has been removed and replaced with only M, which looks quite colorful and modern. Gmail’s new logo is in trademark colors such as red, blue, green and yellow.
  • Google Calendar will now appear in square shape, which will come in primary color blue. Its bottom right corner will be crossed and there will be 31 number place in the center.
  • Google Drive has not changed much. But it has a lighter round shape at the edges, plus blue, yellow and green have been added in addition to red.
  • Google Chat means Hangouts has been given a new icon. Its entire color will be green.
  • Google Meet has been given a new icon, which will come in video camera shape.

Google has also announced the addition of two new features to the video conferencing service Meet. Their use will start tomorrow i.e. October 8.


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