Your old phone will become super smart, these major changes will be done with Android 11 update
Your old phone will become super smart, these major changes will be done with Android 11 update

Tech Desk. Google recently launched the latest Android operating system Android 11. Also, the update of Android 11 has been started for the general public on behalf of smartphone makers. In such a situation, there is a lot of discussion about Android 11. But in the midst of this discussion, very few people know what kind of changes can be seen in the smartphone after the arrival of Android 11, so let’s know about the changes coming in your phone with the arrival of Android 11-

Google’s operating system is quite popular, which is commonly used in every smartphone. Updates are issued from time to time by Google to make the user experience great. These have been released as a series of Android, known as Android 10, Android 11. Google’s new operating 11 system update will be available in the upcoming smartphone as well as the latest smartphone. However Android 11 update will not support in smartphones with less than 2GB RAM. For this, separate Android Go support has been provided by Google.

Will get these changes 

  • With the arrival of Android 11, the most change will be seen in the power menu of the mobile. Meaning Home screen will offer smart home control, payment access, coupon pass and boarding pass option. Meaning the use of the power button will not be limited to the unlock of the phone only. Smart Home devices connected to the power button menu can be operated. 
  • In Google’s new Android 11 operating system, users will get notifications in bubbles. It will be exactly like Facebook Messenger. With the introduction of this feature, it will be easier to do multi-tasking on the phone. Also, notifications can be split separately in the new operating system. This will not miss your important messages. 
  • With the arrival of the new Android 11, users can change the notification settings. Meaning, you will be able to set the Do not disturb setting in notifications. Also, notification history will also be found in the sub-menu of notifications. In Android 11, users can control the smartphone through their voice. Also, a separate quick tile will be provided for media control in the new Android 11. Apart from this, there will be an option to view the necessary messages for 24 hours from the notification history. 
  • A new screenshot UI has been introduced in Android 11, which is somewhat similar to iOS. After taking the screenshot, users get options like share and edit on the left side. Also, features like native screen recording will also be available. In addition, in-built voice recording will also be available. 
  • Will be able to set sharing option in new Android from Google. Meaning the sharing option you use more, you can set the upper side. 
  • In the new Android 11 update, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modes will not be turned off when Airplane mode is introduced. This is going to give users a lot of convenience. 
  • Android 11 will get an important feature in terms of security, in which the user can give permission to access the location for a fixed time. That means permissions in Android 11 will auto reset after some time. 
  • Android 11 will be able to set the Dork Mode as an alarm. Meaning you can set the dork mode from 7 pm in the evening to 5 pm the next day, which would be a good option. 
  • In Android 11 you will be able to group your conversion. Meaning, we will be able to create different group messages for different types of messages. Also, you can personalize these messages silent, default and mute. 


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